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Thank you for your time. Welcome to Health and Shifa. Healthandshifa.com focuses on providing you with the crucial information that helps to compare doctors and healthcare providers online without hassle.

All your activities and access to this website would be subject to some terms of use. Please ensure to read these Terms of Use carefully before performing any activity on www.healthandshifa.com. It ensures that you get all the knowledge about your rights and responsibilities.

Important Notice

Health And Shifa are not involved in providing any medical healthcare, advice, or diagnosis. Any information and data provided on our website are solely to guide users and NOT offer any sort of medical advice.

The website aims to display information about health professionals and hospitals in pan India so that users can get better ideas. We don't endorse any particular healthcare professional or hospital. If you wish to contact any hospital or doctor, you can do it at your own risk.

Along with that, it's also worth noting that not all the clinics or hospitals listed here are in jurisdictions where you can get insurance. Hence, we suggest you research before consulting with any healthcare provider or hospital through this website. Furthermore, we don't perform a comparative ranking of the clinics or hospitals listed on healthandshifa.com.

Services We Do Provide

Health And Shifa is a platform for users who want to choose medical services from a list. Furthermore, it's for medical providers who wish to provide services. We act as a mediator between patients and healthcare professionals. We also enable users to get the purchasing vouchers for the services and plan out their medical tourism journey.

We gather information from multiple sources and wish to add qualified professionals to our website. We list all the gathered information about the doctors and hospitals so that the users can get an idea about the healthcare providers and choose accordingly.

All the information we add is solely for the purpose that we can assist you in deciding to choose a professional. Then we help by becoming a mediator where we help you connect and make appointments with hospitals, clinics, or doctors by providing their contact information.

You can browse through our website to know more about our services and what we can offer.

Content Policy

Health and Shifa don't hold accountability for the accuracy or correctness of the content present on the website. It's possible that the contents may include errors or inaccuracies due for any reason. Furthermore, we are obligated to screen any information, data, or content in advance. We have no responsibility to screen or monitor any of the materials that users or providers post. In addition, you would be the sole person responsible for the data you provide us to publish on the website through forms or any other means. We reserve all the rights to remove or edit your profile, account, or content that we think may be inappropriate for our website.

Age and Restriction

We only enable legally qualified users (based on age) by the jurisdictions to come into such contacts and communicate with healthcare professionals. Users under 18 are not qualified to use the platform (website) or the services listed here. Only continue if you are above the age of 18 and can take responsibility.

Intellectual Property Rights

Health And Shifa (the website) and all its contents belong to Health And Shifa, its listed healthcare providers, affiliates, vendors, and third-party sources.

Limitation of Liability

Health And Shifa or any affiliates, vendors, or employees associated with it are liable or responsible to the users for any indemnity or liability of your access to the website or its services and contents.

Healthandshifa.com or anyone associated with it will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or any damages that may arise relating to our website or due to any errors and negligence.

You will be solely responsible for any dissatisfaction or damages from or relating to Health And Shifa. We put the proper effort into checking accuracy or preventing errors regarding the contents and providers listed on our website. However, we do not warrant any of it to be error-free or completely accurate.


You agree to ensure that you will indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Health And Shifa or anyone associated with it (including the employees, vendors, service providers, or associates) from any expenses, losses, or damages that you may get from this website.

Third Party Sites

Health And Shifa hold no liability whatsoever if you get access to a third-party website through Health And Shifa. Please understand that any third-party website you access is completely independent of Health And Shifa. We have no responsibility over the other website or its contents.

Furthermore, Health And Shifa don't endorse or rank any third-party website linked here. Nor do we warrant the accuracy, security, or propriety of any third-party website you may land into. We suggest you read the policy before proceeding further on our website.

Disputes Or Other Law

These terms of use act as an agreement between Health And Shifa and you. Please ensure that you adhere to the terms to avoid any future disputes. Furthermore, Health And Shifa will be entitled to incur all the costs associated with these website Terms Of Use.

In case of any queries regarding the terms of use, please get in touch with us. If you have any claims based on it, it should be commenced within a year after the conflict or claim arises.

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