Health and Shifa Medical Services in India will be your ideal companion in a healthy medical tourism experience. Get treatment the right way from top-notch hospitals and doctors in India with complete affordability. Our services focus on different aspects, which include:


We ensure that your journey abroad to India will be satisfactory and enjoyable. In terms of travel-related services, we cover:

  • Providing Medical VISA arrangements directly from the hospital of your choice on a priority basis.
  • Arrangements and modifications with the travelling tickets, Airpot pick & drop, and registering with the immigration authority of India.
  • Get the best rate for your money with foreign exchange options just for you!
  • Don't sweat over the accommodations here in India. We will plan it out for you, including the living arrangements based on your budget.


    Our focus is to help you get fit and fine before returning to your country. We do what we can even in terms of treatment.

  • Choosing a doctor or hospital that best suits your requirements is easier now! We enable you to choose only from the best so that you can rely on us for better health and future.
  • Let us help you plan out all the appointments with the hospital or the doctor, so you don't have to wait around.
  • We bridge the communication gap between you and your chosen doctors. Let us help you with tele consultation with the doctors.
  • Our focus also goes on providing answers to any of your questions. We are there for you 24/7 in case any queries pop up.
  • Convenience

    We provide services that help you stay in India comfortably during your treatment period. That's why we also cover:

  • We assist with affordable living accommodations while staying at guest houses or hotels in India.
  • Let us plan out or recommend ideas for local sightseeing.
  • Find the best and most affordable local transport with our guides and assistance.
  • Get access to a local sim card valid in India so that you can stay connected with everyone
  • Get the ease of making payments as we enable online payments as well. No need to carry cash around for your hospital bills.

  • Get Ready For A Transformed Health & Future With Health and Shifa Medical Services in India

    Health and Shifa Medical Services in India is a leading platform that understands your needs and plans to provide complete comfort & convenience.

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