Our Process

Listing Professionals

It can be pretty hectic to research all around the web for different healthcare providers. Ensuring we reduce this difficulty, we have listed some of India's most qualified and top healthcare providers for better options. It helps users decide which hospital or doctor would be the most suitable for them.

Treatment Packages

Cost can be a significant determining factor in what hospital or doctor you choose, along with the quality of treatment and reputation. That's why we ensure to let you in on the different packages and costs that different healthcare providers offer. This way, deciding will get easier depending on your requirements and budget.

Medical Travel

Then we plan everything for your medical travel so that you can have professional guidance for all the travel-related aspects. Our experts are knowledgeable enough to help you connect with suitable hospitals and doctors. You can discuss further on this, and we will start with the procedures, including VISA and other travel accommodations.


After all the ticket booking, VISA confirmation, and confirmations on the hospital of your choice comes the living accommodations. We ensure that you get access to live in a guest house or hotel suitable for you. We also check the distance between your stay and the hospital where you get your treatment. In addition, we want to provide ease of travel so that you won't have to travel long hours to get your treatments.

Round The Clock Service

We don't have a specific time when you can connect to us. Instead, you can contact us anytime, whether day or night. In addition, we have 27/7 customer service where our staff will listen to your queries and try to come up with solutions immediately.

Treatments & Appointments

When you reach your destination, we won't let you go through the hassle of booking appointments or anything else. We will make sure that you get an appointment conveniently. We make all the bookings for appointments and your treatment. Think of us as a guide during your treatment. In addition, we can even give reminders for your appointments.

Healthy Rejuvenation Trips

Not only hospital treatments, but we also have different packages that can assist you in getting peace of mind during your medical tourism span. We have different types of packages with complimentary spa or yoga experiences. Apart from that, you can also choose different activities to help you stay calm and happy. After a successful treatment, you can think of it as a rejuvenation trip, so enjoy yourself before heading back home.

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