About Us

Health And Shifa originated with a motto, "Extending The Way People Get The Power To Heal". Health And Shifa is there to find state-of-the-art hospitals and medical treatment services throughout your journey. We are a leading medical tourism company based in India, helping patients from abroad get reliable and exceptional medical treatment in the leading hospitals in India.

We are not only in words but in actions too. The deeper you search through the web for reliable medical treatment in a foreign land, the more you get clutched in the webs of confusion. Health and Shifa, clear off your confusion; here, you will find only one thing - Relevant Information!

Take a look at the vast array of collections of only the top-notch hospitals and healthcare services - all listed at our medical tourism company - Health And Shifa!

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide patients with adequate information about our medical tourism services and get the best-in-class medical treatment they deserve! We want to be companions when seeking hospitals for medical treatment services anywhere in India.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most preferred medical tourism company among patients. And we focus on making our visions reality by working on our services and enhancing ease through digital information platforms.

Our Values

Patient's Wellness

The aspect we value the most is the wellness of patients. We want to ensure that people seeking out hospitals or professionals for medical treatment get the best support from us.

Trust & Teamwork

A team of several people can do much more than they can alone. We believe in trust between our clients and us. On top of that, Health and Shifa also have strong team integrity.

What We Serve?

We serve patients by getting access to an extensive database of some of the well-known hospital chains PAN India to enhance their medical travel experience. From different locations across India, we choose reliable hospitals and provide data about only the best and that too, with affordability. From medical travel to adequate medical treatment, we assist with getting reliable information. We plan out your medical travel as well.

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